Ugly Shorts Friday

Friday A.M 32 min easy


After such a crap start to the week I’m back in the (running) game! I’ve done a few big weeks lately – by my standard (70km per week), and so it was probably good for my body to have an easier week. The shorts I’m wearing are 2xu, I’ve got a bit of love/hate going on. They’re comfy, and they don’t ride up but they’re really low waisted and not flattering for my mid-section! I also like the colour.

I fly back to Bris tonight, and then I’ll be home for a whole 4 weeks. I hope J and I remember what it’s like living with another person!

A girl from my squad posted a great quote on FB yesterday:

For the first half of a race, don’t be an idiot. For the second half, don’t be a wimp.

I think that might be my mantra tomorrow night!


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