Kourage and Mala Beads

Run: None.
Current motivation: Zip.

I never normally have motivation issues, but this week sucks! I’m in Rocky, it’s stinking hot and I’m not sleeping well. I’ll go for a run this afternoon once it cools down a bit…

A least I’ve got some new purchases keeping me happy!

First up I received new Mala beads


They’re like mediation beads, and I’ve been browsing the site for months trying to decide which one I wanted. In the end I decided to go with 3! The necklace with the red tassel is the amber mala, the black necklace is the rock star mala and the bracelet is the chic yogi mala.

I felt an instant connection to the rock star mala, and the bracelet is just plain pretty. I wasn’t as drawn to the amber mala but once I wore it for a little while it grew on me.

My other exciting purchase was 2 Kourage shirts. It’s a Kenyan running company (you can read more info about them on their site)


The fit isn’t amazing, but the material is really nice and super comfy.

Apparently I’m not very good at taking photos of myself. I tried to do something different to the hand on the hip, camera in the air technique but I couldn’t get the timing right.


Maybe I’ll get better at it with practice?


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