Fishy Meals

Run Sunday A.M 20km, time unknown (about 2 hours)

Monday rest day

I don’t wear a watch for most long runs. They’re usually an opportunity for me to go at whatever pace I feel comfortable at, and I usually zone out the whole time. Long runs are the hardest things for me to do consistently (I’d much rather be doing a speed session) so what I’ve been doing recently is increasing a mid-week run to 16km, and it has made the long run on the weekend seem easier (both mentally and physically)

I didn’t run on Monday. I had a 6am flight and realized I’d be too tired after work so I figured I’d give myself a good rest day. I’ll run this again this afternoon.

Last night’s dinner:


Rice with steamed veg, sardines and honey soy sauce. I always read about how good sardines are (high calcium and omega 3) and something I read yesterday suggested eating them over rice. I’ve only had them on toast, and I must say I didn’t enjoy my meal all that much! It was just a strange flavor combination. At least it was easy to prepare!

Do you eat fish? Any sardine suggestions?


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