Cold Cookie Dough Oats


I’ve been home all week, which means I’ve been able to settle back into certain routines. This is one of my favorite meals (adapted from Fitnessista)

I combine oats, chia seeds, LSA mix in a bowl. Last night I added peanut butter, chocolate spread (kinda like Nutella), and honey. Sometimes I use almond butter instead of peanut butter, or black strap molasses instead of honey (only a tiny amount – that stuff is intense!), or add fruit. There’s also the option of adding protein powder (which I don’t bother with).

After mixing the ingredients together I add enough milk to make everything wet and then it sits in the fridge overnight.

It’s great waking up in the morning knowing that breakfast is ready to go!

Sometimes when I travel I make a simplified version with just a packet of flavored instant oats, PB and milk. It’s still tasty but not as healthy as my at home version!

What do you like to eat for brekky?


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