Digging Deep/Being Chased Home

RUN Thursday P.M 47 minutes distance unknown, barefoot on the beach

RUN Friday A.M Speed session (one hour total)

Yesterday’s run was great. I wore my watch but I wasn’t really concerned about pace or time, I was just going to see how it felt. I wasn’t sore at all from the morning’s run so headed out along the beach for 24 min before turning around.

After the turn around point I was slightly behind another runner who had a gorgeous cattle dog running with them. I stayed in behind them for about 10 min and it was great watching the dog play around, chasing sticks, and occasionally turning back towards me to check me out. Eventually I overtook them and didn’t see them again.

All up I would’ve run about 8km. It’s a little bit too long for the skin on my feet to tolerate barefoot but I pulled up fine today. I really like the occasional barefoot run (either on the sand or grass) – it feels completely different! Shoes are a definite must for road running and trails though.

The beach where I ran – I bet you’re jealous? I bet you’re even more jealous of my crazy wind swept hair! There was a mammoth headwind on the return journey.

This morning was another early start to get in a group speed session. We did 2x1500m, 2x1000m and 2x500m. Most of the reps were at an ok speed (averaging between 4:15 and 4:20/km) but the last 500m I decided to really push myself and see what happens.

There’s a girl in my squad who is usually faster then me, but she’s just coming back from holidays so I can currently only JUST keep up with her. I managed to overtake her during the final rep, and we had our coach (and super runner) jog out to meet us and pretty much chased us home yelling encouragement! It’s amazing sometimes when you can dig deep and find something else.

I had to drive straight down the coast for work (I’m probably a bit smelly now – no time for a shower) and didn’t end up eating for about 3 hours. Don’t try this at home! I still feel a little bit fuzzy from lack of eating. It’s lunch time now so I think I need to find something substantial to last me for the drive home!


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