Take Any Opportunity

A.M. RUN 9km (trails) approx 55min

I hadn’t planned to work today, but I got a phone call on Tuesday asking me to fill in for someone down the coast. It’s a nice place to work, and I was looking forward to catching up with the girls that work at the practice.

One advantage to heading down the coast for work is that I was driving past my favourite running spot on the way. We’ve had killer hot weather over the past couple days, so I knew that if I didn’t run in the morning I wouldn’t get my planned run in.

9km of hills later and I was done. It’s probably one of the easiest trails in Brisbane, because the hills aren’t too steep (or too long) and the trail itself is quite smooth. It’s also well signed! I’d initially thought I’d do a second 5km loop, but it would be cutting it a bit fine with getting to work on time (and, my stomach was rumbling!)

Work has been fairly busy today – it looked like a quiet day to start with but it really picked up. Hopefully I’ll squeeze another run in this afternoon (along the beach! Awesome!) plus a swim to cool down.


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